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Rowe Family Lifestyle Shoot – March 2012

As George Harrison wrote “Here comes the Sun”  and it looks like it is here to stay, for a while anyway.  I was so glad that we had a sun drenched, if not cold, Sunday morning to shoot some photographs of the lovely Ffion, Iestyn and Eirian.

We had a fun filled morning, climbing tress, throwing leaves and playing cricket.  Here a few sneaky peeks….




3 children



Ffion bubbles


Scott family trip to Richmond Park


After having my photo shoot postponed, I just couldn’t let the glorious weather go to waste.  I decided to drag out the Family along with Arthur the dog for a walk and mini photo shoot.  I had a few ideas that I wanted to try out….

All started well, with the kids and dog having a great time exploring and even a little dip for Arthur!

Things started to get a little more tricky when I asked the children to pose and to use my experimental prop….an old picture frame I found in the loft.  Being the children of a photographer, there is always a lot of moaning and eye rolling when asked to have their photograph taken, and they certainly didn’t hold back this time!  After much negotiation, we agreed that their co-operation would be rewarded in Jelly Babies….

Hope you enjoy a few of these pics and hope the annoyance in the eyes of my young babes is not too obvious….!

Minxy Bea

Ollie stick

Arthur dog…

Arthur Not very amused

Classic Ollie

Lets go home…